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  • Introducing our captivating 'Hendrix Zebra' High Waist Flare Trouser, a must-have for fashion-forward individuals who crave a touch of mystique. The vibrant wavy print in black and green, with a dash of yellow, creates a mesmerizing display reminiscent of a slithering snake. Get ready to mystify your crowd with these sauvage, ethnic-inspired designs that pay homage to psychedelic rock culture.


    These trousers are custom-made to embrace your curves, molding to your body like a second skin and providing a comfortable yet undeniably stylish fit. Channel your inner wild spirit as you pair them with our matching corset and choker, creating a complete look that exudes classic rock 'n' roll vibes.


    From a stroll on the street to an evening cocktail event, these trousers will magnetically attract attention and make your every streetwalk a fierce statement. Embrace the animalistic energy and confidently rock the 'Hendrix Zebra' High Waist Flare Trouser, showcasing your unique style with a touch of wild elegance.

    Hendrix Zebra Trouser

    • The 'Hendrix Zebra' High Waist Flare Trouser is made from 100% West African Wax Print Cotton Fabric and features belt loops, a front zip, and a metallic snap closure. The custom-made design embraces your curves, while the wavy print combines black and green with a dash of yellow colors.

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